Research: Infographic Inspiration

c1ca2dc4fea3dcf6424d91ac98c2cbffThis was the main infographic that inspired  a lot of my final design and really helped me execute the look I was going for.

Below is another infographic that helped 1558534_866597130033655_7698489090961797796_nme get an idea of what I should be doing and how the images can look. Also seeing how other people proportioned their amount of text with thesize of images was really helpful to see.

These next two infographics were less inspiration and more guidelines in infographic format. The first infographic shows The 10 commandments of Typographyfont-infography which I found really helpful in selecting the right fonts for my design and the second is an infographic on What makes a bad infographic and how to make it better.What-Makes-A-Bad-Infographic This graphic proved to be extremely helpful especially in having the right layout of my own design


Research: Infographics

Screen Shot 2015-05-14 at 11.17.44 am As Customer Magnetism outlines on their post an infographic can help bring interest to a topic otherwise boring and improve the consumption of the topic through visual communication, 90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual and 40% of people respond better to visual information than text.

With this in mind I know that I’ll have to have very strong depictions of the instructions outlined in the infographic. Allowing a reduction in the words used and more reliance on the image to portray the main message rather than the text.

Our lectures also reinforced the idea that information can be incredibly powerful however it always seems to be presented in a boring and non-enganging way. This is something that infographics try to counter act by adding colour and images to the information being presented.

The 3 main components that come together and make an infographic are visual, content and knowledge. Finding the right balance of these is very important but also one of the more difficult things to do as people digest information in various different ways and more often than not infographics are viewed by large numbers of people very quickly.These 3 components can then be broken down further more so individually.

1. Visual component: can be broken down into 3 sections of colour coding, graphics and reference icons.

2. Content component: can be further broken down also into 3 further sections time frames, statistics, references.

3. Knowledge component: can be broken down into 2 sections of facts and deductions

These 3 main components are key in building an effective infographic that can be easily viewed by large numbers of people. They are also things I’ll be thinking about and reviewing quite a bit while working by showing my work to friends and family in order to get instant feedback and alter my work as necessary.

WIP Week 6

This is my week 6 WIP infographic and I’m almost done! I’ve just got to Info Graphics Draft Final Mock upplay around with centring everything as well as finding the right typography for the instructions. I’m really happy at where I’m at with this and a lot less stressed now that everything is finally coming together visually. Also I know I’ve skipped a week 5 post but that’s because I was silly and forgot to export a JPEG of the infographic at that stage.

WIP Week 4

Info Graphic Landscape WIP4While I continue to create the images I have decided to change the page orientation to landscape.

I have also begun playing around with placement and image proportions however, this is definitely still a work in progress.

WIP Week 3

Info Graphics WIP3For week 3s work in progress I have added an image of a man posing and showing off his moustache. I’ll also start playing with proportions soon to see how things fit together.

WIP Week 2

Info Graphics WIP2Second week of progress. I have added images of the tools that will be used to illustrate the task of grooming a moustache.

I still haven’t decided on my layout so I’m currently just drawing up all the images and will arrange them later

WIP Week 1

Info Graphics WIP1This is my first week’s work in progress snap shot. I have decided to have a dominant image of a moustache to capture people’s attention and some very simply written out steps so as not to overwhelm the viewer. However I still haven’t decided on the placement of these items.