The intention of this infographic was to communicate in a quick way how to groom and style ones moustache. I purposefully chose to simplify it right down to a small series of images and few words in order for the image to be digested quickly.I also was aiming to have a very classy sophisticated look to the image and not over crowd it with colours or various elements. I feel I have been able to achieve this through this final simplified infographic.

I constructed this final image using various skills learnt in class as well as further self education through the power of youtube! One of the things we learnt in class that helped me immensely was the pen tool and using that to trace images you wish to replicate in a vector. That specific class proved to save me a lot of hassle and time when constructing my image as I was able to find photographs online, with creative commons licences and replicate them through the pen tool to the exact specifications I was wanting.

Another class that helped a lot was earlier on in the semester but was much more applicable to this assignment than the last and that was the class in which we covered colours. This class helped with this assignment in that I had a lot more control over the colour selection therefore I had to be very careful and use the principles and rules we’ve learnt appropriately when creating the image.

One of the challenges I found though was just before I uploaded my final images I realised I had constructed everything on a page much larger than the specified ratio required in the assessment brief. With that in mind I quickly shrunk everything to fit on the appropriate sized page ,and still keeping the same positions, but as I was exporting the image I noticed that certain elements weren’t looking quite right. Specifically the comb in step 1 appeared to have lost it’s individual teeth I had drawn out and ended up merging all the comb’s teeth together into one large element. Due to time constraints I decided against trying to restore the element to as it had previously been.

Overall I am really proud of my final images and surprised with myself as I never thought to be a very creative person however I’m finding through these assignments that my area of creativity is through digital media rather than classic artistic mediums.


Final Images

Final Infographic 2:2These are my two final images. The first is the logo icon to be used on websites or promotional purposes and the second is the actual final infographic. I realised just as I was completing everything that I had the wrong page ratio size on both images and was forced to shrink everything and re-centre in order to meet production specifications.Final Infographic 1:2


I really wanted to highlight, with the image the different aspects of being bicultural and how this can be a struggle. In my image I included 4 images of 3 people, 1 person of Korean decent, 1 person of Hawaiian decent and 1 person of Birtish decent. These 3 people all identify as bicultural people and I felt this was something important to note, even though it is not something that can fully be visually communicated. I placed these 3 people in a mixing bowl because to me that’s is what I interpret biculturalism as being, a mixing of cultures into one person. This is an idea that is outlined in my chosen article. Something I wasn’t too sure about was whether to have the wooden spoon or a mechanical mixer in the image. I decided on the wooden spoon as it was less invasive and didn’t detract from the people in the bowl.
When I took the images with the people I took a large amount of images having the people in different poses and facial expressions. Initially I had wanted them to have neutral facial expressions however after looking at the images I decided to have them look upset as I really wanted to connect them back to the concept of the struggle and confusion surrounding biculturalism. A difficulty I did run into while taking the images was the lighting. This is due to the fact that I had taken the images at slightly different times of the day outside and at different locations so by the time I arrived at each location the sun had changed position creating different effects to everyone and bringing out different shadows.
The actual manipulation process of the images was quite difficult for me as I have no previous Photoshop experience. Everything was very new. The first step I had to take was to shrink the images of the people to a proportional size to the mixing bowl. Once I had completed this process I was able to begin the manipulation process of the images in order to have a realistic, natural feel to it. I first began with removing the backgrounds of the people images, isolating just the person themselves. I have been able to create this image in photoshop using various techniques taught in class such.
The first technique I used was the ability to select and remove specific portions of images using the quick selection tool and then removing the unwanted areas of image. This tool was really helpful with masking large portions of an image. Any remaining background of the image was removed using the eraser tool. The masking feature was really helpful as if I made a mistake I was able to easily return to the original image.
The second technique I used was the creation of shadows this technique proved to be really helpful in creating a more realistic feel to the image however I did run into trouble creating shadows for the people inside the bowl.
Overall I really enjoyed this process however I wish I had more time to wrap my head around the different aspects of photoshop before completing this assignment.