Biculturalism: New Article

After much consideration and research I have decided to change my central theme from the very specific Cultural Appropriation to a much broader linking theme of Biculturalism. I’ve come to this decision as previously mentioned I identify myself as bicultural and wish to explore this further as an academic topic. With that in mind I have had to find a new article

Biculturalism and Context: What Is Biculturalism, and When Is It Adaptive?

By Seth J. Schwartza & Jennifer B. Ungerb


I have chosen this article as my academic source because it clearly outlines what biculturalism is, how it develops and when it is most adaptive. Which I found to be most helpful in understanding biculturalism at a more academic and critically thinking level than just as some who is bicultural.



I have chosen Cultural Appropriation as my central theme for this assignment. I decided on this theme due to the fact that I myself am bicultural and often see cultural appropriation of my 2 cultures in different contexts as well as other cultures. I have chosen the 3 academic articles and 2 media articles for my source material. However I will mainly be focusing on my the first academic article listed below.

Academic Article 1:

The Properties of Culture and the Politics of Possessing Identity: Native Claims in the Cultural Appropriation Controversy

By Rosemary Coombe


Social Science Research Network 

Academic Article 2:

CROSS CULTURAL CONSUMPTIOn Global Markets, Local Realities

Edited By David Howes

Google Scholar

Academic Article 3:

Borrowed Power: Essays on Cultural Appropriation

edited by Bruce H. Ziff, Pratima V. Rao

Google Scholar 2

Media Article 1:


By Mycultureisnotatrend


Media Article 2:

What Is Cultural Appropriation and Why Is It Wrong?

BY  Nadra Kareem Nittle

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