Research: Colour Schemes

Choosing the right colour scheme can be quite easy or you can make it easily difficult, it all depends on the tools you use around you. Personally I came to the choice of my colour pellet as I wanted some strong solid colours matched with earthy tones to reflect typical facial hair colours. Something else I had to look into was whether to use white space or a strong graphical background.

My final colour palette consisted of but not limited to the colours below:Colour Palet

These were 4 of the main colours I chose along with the use of white space, which I actually ended up filling with a textured background image. This was done to give a small level of contrast with the content and to add a bit more depth to the images.

Pairing the neutral and warms colours together provided a good contrasting pair to the final image where the viewers eye isn’t too distracted but does have a primary focus point. Also with this assignment we have been using CYMK instead of RGB which actually subtracts colour rather than adds as does RGB.

One of the blogs I looked at to get an idea of how to work the colours together was a PicktoChart post which helped keep me focused and not deviate too much when trying to select my colour palette.


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