Final Images

Final Infographic 2:2These are my two final images. The first is the logo icon to be used on websites or promotional purposes and the second is the actual final infographic. I realised just as I was completing everything that I had the wrong page ratio size on both images and was forced to shrink everything and re-centre in order to meet production specifications.Final Infographic 1:2


One thought on “Final Images

  1. mbocking says:

    I like where you have come from your initial design you showed in class. I remember finding it difficult to understand what you were trying to sell/promote from you original mockups but after your refinements I can make a lot more sense with what your website is about. I really like the coloured icons you have designed and I think that it gives the page a lot. Your logo design has also changed substantially from a header image you showed previously to a logo that is a lot more refined.


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