Research: Infographic Inspiration

c1ca2dc4fea3dcf6424d91ac98c2cbffThis was the main infographic that inspired  a lot of my final design and really helped me execute the look I was going for.

Below is another infographic that helped 1558534_866597130033655_7698489090961797796_nme get an idea of what I should be doing and how the images can look. Also seeing how other people proportioned their amount of text with thesize of images was really helpful to see.

These next two infographics were less inspiration and more guidelines in infographic format. The first infographic shows The 10 commandments of Typographyfont-infography which I found really helpful in selecting the right fonts for my design and the second is an infographic on What makes a bad infographic and how to make it better.What-Makes-A-Bad-Infographic This graphic proved to be extremely helpful especially in having the right layout of my own design


One thought on “Research: Infographic Inspiration

  1. justincornelius says:

    Hey Camille 🙂 I really like how you found lots of inspiration for your design. It shows that you are really trying to find a good design idea. My only criticism would be that I would have liked to see a source for the images so that I could see what sorts of images there are. 🙂


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