Research: Illustrator Techniques

photo.jpgAdobe’s Illustrator application was something I had never used before and I had only just become familiar with the basics of Adobe Photoshop so this was definitely going to be a challenge. Though the lessons we got in class were definitely helpful, they were more the beginning foundation and the broader basics on how things worked. Therefore lots of research and video tutorials were going to be happening while creating this infographic.

Some of the tools that I needed help with clarifying how to use were the Reflect Tool as well as creating an Object Mask. In photoshop it was as simple as clicking one button to create a mask layer however within Illustrator there are many more steps required in masking areas of your image. This was something that proved challenging for me, mainly because I miss read the instructions on the adobe website and needed to watch a YouTube video tutorial on how to complete the process correctly.

The Reflect Tool was a very useful tool for me once I figured out that it existed and how to work it as I was only able to draw one half of the moustache nicely so being able to reflect and duplicate that made life easier. Also there were other images I drew that required we to mirror the orientation or duplicate and mirror the orientation so the Reflect Tool became extremely helpful in making the process much more efficient.


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