WIP Week 6

This is my week 6 WIP infographic and I’m almost done! I’ve just got to Info Graphics Draft Final Mock upplay around with centring everything as well as finding the right typography for the instructions. I’m really happy at where I’m at with this and a lot less stressed now that everything is finally coming together visually. Also I know I’ve skipped a week 5 post but that’s because I was silly and forgot to export a JPEG of the infographic at that stage.


2 thoughts on “WIP Week 6

  1. abbyberry9 says:

    I love this. Very cool! They way you have set it out is very easy on the eye and makes reading it simple. The visuals are very bold and effective to look at with good execution.


  2. rosalieewings14 says:

    This looks likes its come together real well! I think finding the right font will definitely help pull it together a bit more, although it does look really good already! If you have time you might be able to add a bit of texture to the background, just to bring it together a bit more visually. It might just be that I can’t view the image close up though 🙂


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