WIP Week 4

Info Graphic Landscape WIP4While I continue to create the images I have decided to change the page orientation to landscape.

I have also begun playing around with placement and image proportions however, this is definitely still a work in progress.


3 thoughts on “WIP Week 4

  1. abbyberry9 says:

    This is a really cool idea you have here! I like the use of the simplistic images with the idea of the moustache. For some reasons moustaches are really hip at the moment and you have done a really good job at harnessing this trend! I think as an infographic people would be really drawn to this! I’m interested to see the final product šŸ™‚


  2. John Varona says:

    The elements of your infographic is looking good. I like all the illustrations of the different things that you need for moustache maintenance. One recommendation for the placement of all the vectors is to make sure that it looks like a process, especially since you have steps for your infographic. But I’m pretty sure you’re gonna do that anyways. Overall, you infographic is looking really great.


  3. juliecleaver says:

    I think your vectors look great! They are mostly clean and all clearly communicate what they are trying to be. However, the wax is not as crisp as the other vectors. I’m not sure if this is a purposeful style thing, but I do not think the brown around the outside of the wax matches the rest of the vectors. If you get them all looking uniform and clean, your infographic will come out mint. I look forward to seeing your final piece!


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