Concept Statement

13104576283_300bff14c2_oFor this assignment we have been tasked to “develop an informational graphic that is to illustrate a process visually” and to answer the question “How does it work?” with that in mind I have decided to create an infographic that depicts the process of grooming facial hair, more specifically a moustache.

I chose this topic as my partner has a very impressive moustache (much like the model in the picture above) and I find the lengthy process he has to go through to groom it interesting and quite peculiar. As well as the moustache being something visually intriguing when illustrating.

The design look I am going for is strong contrasting colours such as black and white with some red as well as incorporating some earthy more natural colours to match the facial hair, such as browns and greys. I am wanting to have some very strong imagery c1ca2dc4fea3dcf6424d91ac98c2cbfffor this info graphic however I don’t want it to over power the text, which is something I feel I may struggle with as I am a far more visual person.

A website I’ve found really helpful to get some inspiration is Pinterest where I have created a board for pinning anything that intrigues me and has to do with facial hair and/or infographics. It is here on Pinterest where I found one of the stronger infographics for my inspiration (depicted on the left). 


2 thoughts on “Concept Statement

  1. shyna256 says:


    I really love the concept you have come up with for your infographic, It is very unique, fun and interesting. I like the colour scheme (black and white mixed with some earthy tones), it is very vintage and 20’s looking. To make the text stand out a little bit more I would have it very western/cow boyish, where it is bold and masculine. But love the concept can’t wait to see the final image.


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