WIP 2This is my second WIP post. Still quite rough but I am about to start blending the lower bodies into the cake mix so hopefully that helps with the overall effect. One thing I am struggling with other than photoshop in general! is trying to change the lighting of the image as each part has a very different affect to it and I really want it all unified.


4 thoughts on “WIP 2

  1. abbyberry9 says:

    I really like the image that you have going here. I can see it being really effective! As you have said you are going to start blending the bodies into the mixture. What you have to be careful with is making sure there is good cohesion between the two layers to keep the realistic feel. From what I can see it looks like you are more than capable of this! Good luck!


  2. John Varona says:

    Your image is looking great. I do agree with you with the lighting aspect of the image. It does need to blend in with the shadows in the bowl. And as you’ve said you are in the middle of mixing the bodies to the mixture. One thing I can say about this part is, if you can, try to make it look like the lower half of their body is in the mixture. Other than this your image looks really good.


  3. rosalieewings14 says:

    Your image looks good so far! Although I definitely agree that the images need to be blended into the cake mixture, to look more seamless! Maybe you could try using the blur tool to overlap the images, or try feathering out the edges if you have used masking? Not sure if thats any help but its looking good so far!


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