Research: Visual Communication

Screen Shot 2015-04-23 at 12.33.05 pmVisual communication comes in different mediums and forms, whether it be a moving image or static, painted or photographed visual communication is just that, visual. I do already have a good base knowledge for visual communication due to my previous education of a Diploma in Performance Technology at Unitec however, I wanted to deepen my knowledge and look at it from he perspective of a photographer rather than a stage manager. In order to do this I read several blogs on the subject one of which was Citrinitas who completed a brief post touching on the history of visual communication as it was a topic they were teaching students in Turkey. An interesting point the author brought up was that visual communication has been around since the beginning, it is not a new thing as many people believe but something that was around since the caveman times. The writer also touches on the rapid development of visual communication that occurred with from the scribes of ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia to the medieval book makers. Something that makes much sense to me but I had never really given much thought to.

One of the other things I read while researching visual communication was in fact an article titled How does visual communication work?. I found this article quite interesting to read. This article reinforces the point made not the previous post int hat visual communication is everywhere, it is not necessary to go see a film or visit an art gallery to be communicated with in a visual manner. Tam goes on exploring the ideas of a visual communications designer, whether design is different from art, various approaches to visual communication as a designer and much much more such as where to start as a designer. This article proved to be extremely helpful for me in order to understand visual communication in a capacity as a designer and how it can be manipulated in various ways.


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