Research: Colour

Screen Shot 2015-04-22 at 5.19.24 pmColour is something to be used quite carefully when creating an image as even the lack of colour can give a more striking image. Also any different colours have different meanings and associations in cultures therefore when select the colour of items such as clothing or props one must select colours with careful thought. While researching the use of colour in photography and colour theory I read several blogs some of which I found especially interesting. The first of these was on Digital Photography School’s website written by Mitchell Kanashkevich. Mitchell opens with with a very valid point that people often misuse colour, or have it as an after thought as they don’t truly understand it’s significance. Mitchell goes on to explain the significance of the colours in various images he’s capture and how it helps portray a message and emotion. He states his aim in this post is is to change people’s thinking of colour to make it something they thinking about while composing their image rather than an after thought to be dealt with in post-production. Another valid point Mitchell makes is that even the absence of certain colours can help create an effect, or stir an emotion in the viewer.

The second blog I had a look at was on Graphics. This post goes through the fundamentals of colour theory use in photography. Rutter touches on the same point made by Mitchell in that photographers take colour for granted. This can be attributed to the fact that in the past photographers were “capturing the world around them” and doing so on black and white film, or colour film later on. The ability to alter or change colours completely in photography wasn’t even an option, or at the very least extremely difficult to do until digital photography came round giving photographers the ability to properly experiment with colour which is still something that’s in it’s early stages. Rutter goes on to explain what colour is in terms of additive colour, subtractive colour, the uses of primary colour, the various colour theories and which is best practice and much much more. This post was extremely thorough and I found it most helpful in gaining an understanding of colour.


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