Research: Image Manipulation

Image manipulation is the core of this assignment and it comes in different forms whether it’s simply re-cropping an image or a complete digital manipulation overhaul. The power of image manipulation can be obvious or more subtle but as McSorely states in his blog post “…editing photos can easily repaint a moment in time to represent something else completely.” So it is always important that when manipulating an image to do so with caution and to not completely loose the core principle of the original image.

Screen Shot 2015-04-20 at 8.58.23 amA starting point in my research was on RationalWIki which has an entire page dedicated to briefly explaining image manipulation and it’s various aspects, history and backlash. I found this really helpful because, as previously stated image manipulation comes in many different forms. Another interesting thing I found on this page was that IM has been around for a much longer time than I had thought. Joseph Stalin would use IM in order to have people completely disappear from images or have them inserted into an image they were never a part of.

Screen Shot 2015-04-20 at 8.41.42 amThe second site I had a look at and found insanely helpful was the before and after section of ELI‘s website. They have short videos of their image manipulation they complete for a given project. The part I loved was how having even small changes but multiple layers makes such a difference to an image as well as changing the slightest thing can change it completely. It also encouraged me and reinforced what we learnt in class that it isn’t till the last second that the image will actually look any good.


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