Communication Objectives

My intention for my final image is to give the viewer an opportunity to think about what it is they identify as biculturalism and ask the question do you lose your true heritage culture by synthesising your host culture with it?

As seen with many first generation children when they are raised within a culture different from their heritage culture they often shun or reject their heritage culture at a younger age and more likely than not parents will do the same. They often do this in an attempt to make the transition much  simpler and less stressful. However on the other hand their is often  a constant struggle as the first generation child feel forced to simulate the culture they are in on a day to day basis as to not appear different but then once home they are forced to simulate the culture of their parents, of their heritage  as to not show disrespect to their ancestors and heritage culture.

This is seen with the following clip from YouTube of Cambodian American youth in discussion with the camera person: Biculturalism

I would also like to show the growth that occurs within the first generation person as they mature into themselves and begin to look back at their heritage culture a reconnect and embrace it more willingly.

Here’s a youtube video of a TED talk done by  Anna Gricuk that I found really interesting and links well with the idea that I am trying to connect with:

TED Talk


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